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Τρίτη, 10 Απριλίου 2012

The big austere scoreboard.

What is a win?
More importantly, which of them matter?
Is it the flashy ones?
The dominating ones?
The ones you need?
Or is it the ones you forfeit? The ones that just are not worth it. Where the cost may not be quantifiable or even reasonably close to the reward. The ones that keep you human. The ones character is made of. For its not always winning that is of utmost importance. Sometimes, it's how you play the game...

For games are not always fair, or fun or even winnable.
But how you go about them is always in your control.
And I know some games are really battles and yet others more like wars, but I have always believed that we define our experiences by our choice of perspective on them. It is that trivial and yet cosmical power that makes us masters of our fate. For tales are spun on characters and their agonies, perspectives and their clashes. And we care about them in their entirety. Otherwise there'd be no movies or books or fairy tales.
Only a big austere scoreboard. Which would be practical and yet hollow, kind of like the morals of our time...

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